Air conditioners powered by Photovoltaic

          Source: – 31.January 2013

          Green Power Resource Management (GPRM) plans to start volume production of its solar powered air conditioner and virtual power plant in its new manufacturing facility in Escondido, Calif.

          The packaged unit provides cooling, AC power out, and backup energy powered directly from solar panels for residential and small commercial buildings.

          The GPRM 100 solar powered air conditioner and virtual power plant runs directly off solar panels, a wind turbine, batteries or the AC power in a home or office. It also provides renewable energy to other devices like a TV, lights, refrigerator or a computer even when the grid is down.

          “Typical solar installations are grid-tied and do not provide power when the grid goes down, said Ralph Ciarlanti, GPRM CFO. “Most customers do not know this.”

          Ciarlanti explained that the solar modules themselves are often powered by AC power coming in from the grid via a switching device at the master panel. It’s somewhat ironic that solar panels can generate electricity, but often need a little grid power to operate.

          The GPRM 100 introductory package includes: 13,500 BTU/hr cooling capacity (up to 1,000 SF depending on energy efficiency of structure), battery backup providing 450 Ah of power, and two plug-in receptacles providing 1,500 W/hr ac power out. Larger batteries and power options available.

          GPRM’s target markets for its patent pending environmental control system include residential and small commercial spaces such as offices, schools, off-grid applications such as military, mining and drilling, forestry, and telecom cell towers.

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