Polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) and how your next child might be a daughter.

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          Polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) and how your next child might be a daughter.

          by Daniel Koeppel
          written in 2009, researching for a PCB related project during my master degree course.

          “But i dont want to have a daughter as my next child.” says the Chinese man, soon-to-be-father.
          His neighbors son, 5 year old Lawson Chiu from Shanghai, is enthusiastically jumping up and down. His trousers, traditionally slit at the back, reveal insight to where the sun doesn’t shine. He is happy coz the odds just went up again for him, that he might find a wife.
          Of course,  we are talking about 20 years from now, but in a society where currently the female male ration is tipping towards 1:2, one can not start early enough.

          What has this to do with PCB?
          Recent studies @ the Univ.of California in Davis have discovered a connection of high PCB Blood values with pregnant women and higher birthrates of daughters by up to 33%!

          Where does this PCB come from?
          Between 1929 and 1972 an estimate of 1 Mio to 1,5 Mio Tons of PCB have been produced by humans. By 1985 it became illegal to manufacture and use PCB.
          Cool, smart us! Problem solved!


          Approx. 30% of that produced PCB (300’000 – 500’000 tons) is still around and maybe coming to a sushi-roll near you soon. After having enjoyed the sushi, you will digest and metabolize that vintage 60ies PCB in no time. That vintage 60ies PCB could maybe be the reason why you always like those Vietnam war area tracks, no? Kind of, little PCB recognizing the esoteric vibes of his bad big brother TCDD alias Agent Orange?

          But hey, lets stay with the program here. Its bad news? No? Oh, come on… it is not without hope. Apparently they found some fungus. A wood eating crust fungus, who gets all his cells in a twist when he smells PCB.
          May i introduce:”Phanerochaete chrysosporium”
          Sorry he wont get up, coz he just lays there and eats…. looks kind of pretty.

          Funny, we, a complex, intelligent organism, smart enough to come up with funky stuff such as Polychlorinated biphenyl, need an organism of only a few cells, to clean up the mess, made 2 generations ago.

          Daniel Koeppel

          Daniel is an environmental sustainability specialist with a hospitality background. He is passionate in supporting visionary hotel companies wishing to increase their environmental sustainability know how and solutions. Contact us now for a non-committing assessment!

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