100% Bio Plastic (PLA)

Bottles made from PLA (polylactic acid) derived 100% from corn

          Client: Waste conscious hotels and F&B Operations
          Date: February 2013

          What is it about ?

          DKNA is delighted to hold a mandate with Avitez, Thailand’s first eco-friendly bottled drinking water that not only represents the latest in modern technology, but has been newly designed to meet the needs of luxury hotels, restaurants and catering operations.


          The product is derived 100% from nature, a mineral water from remote reaches of the Kanchanaburi Mountains in Thailand and packaged in a bottle that is made 100% from plants. It is recyclable, biodegradable, compostable and can be incinerated without releasing harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. This because the bottles are made from poly lactic acid (PLA) derived from renewable plant sources such as corn. It will degrade and return to organic compounds in industrial composts surroundings within 80 days.

          A boutique water that is proud to be Thai – for the sophisticated eco-conscious hospitality operation.

          How can it benefit me ?

          1.  An alternative for your current “top of the line” plastic bottled water.
          2.  A product with more allure to the upmarket and environmentally aware customer.
          3.  Reduction of your waste to landfill weight (e.g.: 1 empty 0,5 l plastic bottle weighs 20g)
          4.  Demonstrate environmental leadership as well as support for your customers health and wellbeing.

          What are the costs ?

          Avitez’ 0.5 liter bottles are competitively priced when compared with other half liter, top of the line, imported drinking water brands. We are happy to provide you with a quotation.

          Interested to learn more ?

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