Revenue generating CSR project with urban farming

Innovative use of commercially unusable roof space

Client: Energaia & Novotel Bangkok on Siam Square
Date: Aug 2012


What is it about?

Spirulina is a single cell Algae which lives and grows in fresh water. It feeds on sunlight, water and carbon dioxide (CO2). Spirulina itself contains very high (60%+) plant-protein, anti oxidants, vitamins and minerals. Spirulina has no flavor or odor by itself and can be consumed by adding it to any dish or beverage. The only result is that the color of that dish or beverage changes to a beautiful deep blue-green color.

Energaia Co., Ltd. and Daniel Koeppel Associates Co., Ltd. did join efforts during the start up phase of this exciting project to produce and market the super food Spirulina. Energaia Co., Ltd., a Bangkok based social enterprise, specializes in the efficient production of large scale, fresh Skyline Spirulina for human consumption on commercially unusable rooftops.

How can it benefit me?

This project creates additional rent revenue by providing your commercial no-value areas (roofs & terraces). This project is easily merged with existing EMS objectives and or CSR activities.

What are the costs?

There are no costs involved for your company renting out the roof space. Energaia will cover the rent as well as the utility costs. (electricity & water). View Media coverage here.



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