Reduce electricity consumption

German EXT5 Neon Tube adapters

          Date: Aug 2010


          What is it about?

          It is about energy efficiency. E.g. Perhaps part of your electricity might come via PV and you want to reduce the electricity consumption? Millions of conventional neon light tubes (T12 or T8 neon tubes) are using (unmanaged) a lot of energy on a daily basis e.g. in parking lots, basements, corridors and offices.
          By switching to the energy-saving EXT5-tubes with electronic ballast units you can decrease the energy consumption while maintaining the comfort of lighting – unfortunately these new tubes do not fit into the existing T12 or T8 neon tube housings.
          DKNA can provide the Energex-adapters you can use to switch to the more efficient T5-tubes but still use your old (T12/T8) housing units. From then on you will be saving energy every day, day by day.

          How can it benefit me?

          By switching to the new generations EXT5-Neontubes which are approximately 40% -50% more energy efficient, while still utilizing the T12/T8 housing. The EXT5-Neontubes also maintain their lumens power better.

          What are the costs?

          You still need to buy the new EXT5-Neontubes but will not need to change the existing housings. An EXT5 adapter cost around 5 Euro per piece, excluding transport.

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