Dusit International – Master Trainer training

          Date: 2013/2014/2015

          During two days in October/November 2013 a total of 4 department heads from four different Dusit International properties were trained to become Earthcheck Master Trainers. The training took place at the headquarters of Dusit International in Bangkok.

          Earthcheck Master Training Class

          Mr. Daniel Koeppel in discussion with Mr. Juergen Seidel, Corporate Director of Engineering Dusit International and trainees.

          The objective of the two day training was to provide the senior managers sufficient background on the Earthcheck company standard, training requirements as well as prepare them for common challenges when implementing a environmental management system on top of an existing management system, so that they in turn will be able to effectively teach and lead the respective sustainability teams of various Dusit International properties. In line with what Khun Chanin Donavanik, CEO Dusit International Group recently stated :”CSR is and will be a part of Dusit’s development strategies.” (source: CSR Together, p.50)

          DKNA is proud to be the facilitator to pass on the complex know how of environmental sustainability while making it relevant and appropriate to the day to day operation of a large luxury hotel management company.

          Mr. Koeppel visualizes the position and demands of an sustainability aware hotel professional.

          Mr. Koeppel visualizes the position and demands on a hotel professional who is aware of sustainability!

          The training consisted of a two day interactive theoretical session as well as a practical mock review of a hotel operation. In addition the trainees where asked to complete two post course assessments containing 25 questions. Earthcheck requires a minimum of 76% correct answers in order for the trainee to be granted the “Master Trainer” title.


          EarthCheck Master Trainer certificates

          EarthCheck Master Trainer certificates


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