Panel Member – Sasin’s Green Supply Chain Discussion

          Date: 16 September 2013

          Together with 3 other distinguished professionals, Mr. Daniel Koeppel, Managing Director of Daniel Koeppel Associates Co. Ltd. under his mandate with Energaia Co. Ltd. participates in this years round of Panel discussion on Green Supply Chain.

          Sasin Panel Participant announcement

          Sasin Panel Participant Announcement

          Sasin Centre of Sustainability Management

          Sasin Centre of Sustainability Management

          The Discussion takes place at the Sasin Centre for Sustainability Management, 7th Floor, Room 723 on Monday, September 16th from 13:00 hours till 16:00 hours.

          The members of the panel

          The members of the panel – Green Supply Chain

          Approximately 55+ MBA students (a larger part of it female!) of the Sasin Centre of Sustainability management convened on the 7th Floor of the Sasin Building in Bangkok. After a short introduction of the panel members, Khun Charkrit Direkwattanachai (Head of Public Affairs, Tesco Lotus), Mr. Daniel Koeppel (Dir. F&B Sales for EnerGaia), Mr. Billy Marinelli (Owner of the Seafoodbar) and M.L. Dispanadda Diskul (Chief Development Officer, Doitung) the panel was in full swing of defining, explaining and probing challenges and advantages of a green supply chain.

          Student Questions ranged from inquiring what additional drivers for sustainability besides image could be over why a company would invest 20 – 30 % more for a green building as well as what and how a closed loop can be implemented in business.
          Moderated well by Khun Prae Piromya, Sustainability Manager of Sasin and supported by Alex Mavro and Nick Pisalyaput of Sasin, the session concluded by 16:30 hours.

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