Speaker at World Spa & Well-being Congress 2013, Bangkok

          Date: September 2013

          Welcome you to Thailand – an epicenter of spa industry of the world where offering the professional platform for spa & well-being industry second to none in Asia Pacific region.


          Thank you for your interest in WSWC 2013 – the convention that showcases the world of spa products and innovations, under the concept of “Education, Standards & Innovation: A Professional Platform for the Spa & Well-being Industry. WSWC 2013 was the 2nd edition, with 9,967 visitors, affording exhibitors to strengthen their presence in the spa & well-being industry and to make new business contacts.

          There were 95 exhibitors @ WSWC2013:

          • 82 Thai
          • 13 Foreign exhibitors
          • from 8 Countries

          9,967 visitors attended @ WSWC2013

          • 8,888 persons of Thai nationality
          • 1,079 persons of International origin from 34 different Countries

          There were 6 seminars & workshops @ WSWC2013

          • 300 delegates attended these workshops


          This year’s event was being designed around the theme of “Water”. The spa industry is reliant upon water, yet uses it in uncontrolled quantities. From life-giving to life-resonance, the event explored the science and artistic merit of water, delivering an opportunity to understand how water in all its forms (gas, liquid or solid) is or can be used in the spa and well-being industry. Nine technical experts and industry professionals from around the world provided a wealth of information that is vital to spa industry professionals.


          Mr. Daniel Koeppel, Managing Director at DKNA – one of the experts – shared facts and insights about where our water comes from and what we are doing with it, titled Water we doing?”


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