Speaker – Food & Hotel Thailand – 11 September 2014

          Date: 11th Sept. 2014, 09:30 am


          Held in Conjunction with
          The Food & Hotel Thailand 2014, 10 – 13 September 2014, Room 210 BITEC, Bangna, Bangkok

          Session 2 – 11 SEP 2014; 09:30 – 12:00

          Hotel Management Trend 2015

          The growth of Thai tourism industry contributes to the expansion of hotels, particularly in the areas of main tourist attractions of the country. Moreover, the behavior of tourists modifies much alongside the global trends. Hotel operations to achieve success need to keep pace with all-around global trends, including the aims to increase revenues, control expenses or develop new strengths.

          Session 2 – 11 SEP 2014 – DAY 2; 09:30 – 12:00

          Energy Innovation Trend

          In relation to hotel operations, energy is one section with highest costs. The current technologies develop and advance much, including renewable energy, application of technologies to save costs as well as deployment of technologies to be the attraction of buildings as well. The seminar will demonstrate the trends of world energy operations. The changing technologies bring about the alternatives offered as service to tourists, which will lead to a positive image of the hotel operators.

          Moderator: TBC

          World Energy Trend
          Guest Speaker: TBC
          Smart Building Smart Hotel
          Guest Speaker: Khun Ruttanun Chensirimaeteekul, MD of SFTEC Technology Co., Ltd. & Mr. Daniel Koeppel, EarthCheck Plc, Brisbane
          Solar Energy in Hotel
          Guest Speaker: from Shangri-La Hotel Bangkok
          Hotel Energy Management
          Guest Speaker: Khun Chairoj Chositsiritarweeporn, The Imperial Queen’s Park


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