Water flow reduction technology

Save water expenses

Client: Hotels, Hospitals, Shopping centers aso.
Date: 2013

What is it about?

DKNA represents the products of the German Company Calex Global. A range of water saving fittings for your showers, guest room and/or bathroom sinks.

These simple devices aerate water as it runs through them, with no noticeable difference in the pressure, and reduce the amount of water used by up to 50%. The use of these devices dramatically reduces the amount of water used. Imagine how many minutes your shower runs every day….


How can it benefit me?

Our Water flow-reducing fittings, are easy to fit onto sink faucets and showers. They instantly reduce your water usage and water expenses by up to 50%, depending on existing water flow rates. A return on investment (ROI) of 40 – 100 days, depending on existing water flow rates, is easily connected with existing or future environmental management system objectives.


What are the costs?

We are happy to visit your hotel to administer a complimentary water flow audit and provide you afterwards with a report on how much drinking water you can save on an annual basis as well as provide you with a quote following your for your individual needs. See also here a list of previous clients of this low tech savings.



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