Benefits of an (Environmental) Risk Assessment

Initial points on how an environmental risk assessment can provide valuable input.

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A company determined to consider the risks of their environmental impact is well advised to assess all actual and/or potential risks (environmental, social and cultural) in relation to the company’s scope and identified by way of a written Risk Assessment. 

The company that implements and maintains a process to identify all aspects of its activities, products and services that have an actual and/or potential impact (environmental, social and cultural) against selected Performance Areas.

The company that consults with key stakeholders on the discovered aspects with significance against selected environmental areas, is on a good route to improvement.

Key stakeholders can include local communities, local government, conservation and environmental authorities, as well as staff and clients:

“Does your company have a documented Risk Assessment that assesses all actual or potential risks?”

These are some early points a company needs to consider  to prevent and/or mitigate environmental impacts, should they arise.

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