James Lovelock (102) on nuclear energy (NZZ interview)

Jame Lovelock Interview

Interview NZZ: Mr. Lovelock, did you open a bottle of champagne on January 1st [2022]? J Lovelock: No. After the Christmas holidays with the family I needed some rest. NZZ: In 2004 you published a text in the “Independent” entitled: “Nuclear power is the only green solution”. Almost 20 years later, on January 1st, the […]

Lawyers report on reducing risk of greenwashing

Reducing risk of greenwashing – a lawyers report By Daniel Koeppel The London based Energy & Environment Alliance (EEA) released an article about an report in early December 2021 in which a committee comprised of top in-house lawyers and law firms in the hospitality industry created a report, giving advice on greenwashing. It defines what […]

Benefits of an Risk Assessment

Thai Beach after a storm

Benefits of an (Environmental) Risk Assessment Starting points on how an environmental risk assessment can provide valuable input. By Daniel KOEPPEL Dear company leader, please ensure that; Your company is determined to consider the risks of its environmental impact. It is well advised to assess all actual and/or potential risks (environmental, social and cultural).  These […]

5 obstacles when starting to report on sustainability

Prevailing System

5 Obstacles when starting to report on Sustainability Five common errors – condensed from a decade of helping organizations to create their vision on sustainability By Daniel KOEPPEL In a nutshell: #1: No Data#2: Wrong Data#3: Running before knowing how to walk#4: Neither sight nor vision#5: Procrastination or Perfection Its September 2021.If you can read […]