5 obstacles when starting to report on sustainability

Prevailing System

In a nutshell: #1: No Data #2: Wrong Data #3: Running before knowing how to walk #4: Neither sight nor vision #5: Procrastination or Perfection Its September 2021. If you can read and or know how to use a computer you have seen sufficient events that lead stakeholders to ask increasingly about an organization’s sustainability […]

Positivity vs. optimism

Find your position on the current situation

Yes! Another one that is having verbal diarrhea about something we can’t see but that evidently has truly f*$#ed up everyone’s existence, in one or another way. My hope is that Sokrates’ approach can assist me in my argument, that the current situation is a process and not an event. Obviously “Mexican Beer” is code […]

Our purpose

Why and how we do what we do

Minus It is Latin for “less”. Many a resource utilized in the operating a hotel is undervalued and, worse, emissions are externalized. DKNA believes that a holistic approach of the impacts of ones business require to increase efficiency. Or in other words aim to use fewer resources wherever possible. We religiously teach that this can […]

Water you going to do?

1.     What is the price per m3 of water, inclusive cleaning charge, your company is paying? 2.     How much water in m3/guest-night does your company utilize per month? 3.     How well does your company perform in water consumption per product produced or guest-night sold (either in m3 or $) if you compare your company to your top 5 […]